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Located in the heart of the beautiful Leicestershire countryside

The quintessential  English village  

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This site is maintained by village volunteers who have taken information principally from census and other records, gravestones, villagers, local newspapers and people connected with Goadby Marwood.

The aim of the site is to document the history of Goadby Marwood and to provide an archive of local information that will be of value to anyone with a connection to our beautiful village.

It is hoped that our site provides pleasure for the casual browser and helps people to understand what makes Goadby Marwood the village it is today. Hours of painstaking research and transcription have gone into bringing you this unique repository of village information.


Can you contribute?

We rely on contributions from local residents, past and present, and those associated with Goadby Marwood village and surrounding farms. We welcome photographs relating to the village - also documents, magazines, anecdotes, photographs of ancestors - anything that relates to the historical aspects of Goadby Marwood. If you can help we would love to hear from you!


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Everyone who works to support the ongoing research of The Goadby Marwood History Group is a volunteer. We need your help to continue with our extensive and varied history projects, and to keep this website running. If you've found the information on this site interesting or useful, or if you would like to become more involved in our research projects, why not become a member? Membership costs just £10 per year and benefits include free or reduced price entry to events.

If you would like to support our continuing research but prefer not to become a member then all donations are very gratefully received.

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Roman Finds at Goadby Marwood

There have been a large number of Roman artefacts discovered in Goadby. Many of the finds were unearthed during ironstone quarrying activities in the mid-20th Century while others relate to the excavations carried out at the Roman villa overlooking the village. 

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Roman Goadby

The village of Goadby Marwood is located close to the ancient trackway known as ‘The Salt Way’ and is thought to be the site of a Romano-British small town that may have national importance as a key location in the East Midlands area.

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Mary Brutnell's Needlework Sampler

Like her sister, Zillah, Mary Brutnell used her needlework skills to make a living. Born in 1833, she grew up in Nottingham with her sisters, Zillah and Sarah, and her brother, William, but would have regularly visited her grandparents in Goadby.

Village Buildings


The village boasts a number of fine houses and quaint cottages as well as the beautiful 13th Century church of St. Denys.

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