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Recollections of Joyce Tomblin

Joyce Tomblin nee Mackley is a granddaughter of William Mackley, a farmer from Welby who moved to Goadby Marwood in the early 1900s to farm at The Laurels, the large farm situated at the western end of Goadby Marwood village. The letter transcribed below was written by Joyce around the time of the Millennium when village residents were collecting various memorabilia.


My brother, Raymond Mackley, and I were born at Wycombe Cottages (2 semi-detached at that time), in 1921 & 1924 respectively. We went to school at Goadby Marwood. My father, Stephen Mackley, was gardener / handyman at The Rectory, which was occupied by Rev. Mogridge, who baptised us in Goadby Church. My mother previously lived at Hill Farm, Eastwell.

My father's sister was married to Mr. James Mayfield. She died before we were born. My grandfather, William Mackley, farmed opposite the church, living next to the Mayfields until grandfather died and was buried with his wife in Goadby Churchyard.

Mrs. Matilda Brewin was sister to my father, Stephen John Lee Mackley, with daughters Kath and Hilda, who both married doctors and moved away from Goadby.

When young, shyness was my big problem and I had many smacks from the teacher for it. Also, I was terrified of a ferocious looking bull terrier which belonged to Goadby Hall. In all I was quite pleased to move with my family to Ragdale where I was soon able to overcome the problems.

My roots however remain at Goadby and I always enjoy visiting and reminicing bye gone days.

Joyce Tomblin (nee Mackley)

The White House, Wycomb Lane, c.

The White House on Wycombe Lane, c. 2010.

Joyce and her brother were born at this property, which is now a single dwelling, but which was originally

two semi-detached cottages.

Letter from Joyce Tomblin

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